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About Trading House

Find whatever that you can't find elsewhere. Welcome to the venue of high to highest information and cultural products! For people with exotic appetites, Trading house will be your favorite department store with favorable dishes of new information. Please be part of this instantaneous exchange of local products, information, people — anything you want. 

Meet The Team


Jieun Choi


Jieun is a high school senior living in Abu Dhabi, UAE. With a plethora of experience leading organizations, she advocates for pursuing altruistic forms of business. Outside of school hours, Jieun is an avid falcon trainer and writer who is keenly interested in motorsports.

Heidy is a high school senior currently living in Hanoi, Vietnam. Her passions include public speaking such as MUN and debate, as well as, writing. In her free time Heidy enjoys reading and watching sitcoms like Friends or Brooklyn 99.

Heidy Cho


Ritwij is a high school sophomore living in Brazil. He is interested in business, marketing and entrepreneurship. Outside of school, Ritwij enjoys playing a myriad of sports, watching anime and studying music.


Emma is a junior attending Korea International School, Jeju Campus. She is inspired by the way people with different interests and ideas to come together and create meaningful conversations and inventions. Her hobbies include reading, listening to a favorite song on repeat, and taking pictures. 


Emma Jeong


Anika is a freshman at Korea International School, Jeju Campus. Having lived in the Philippines for around 3 years and learning Japanese and Chinese, Anika is very interested in seeing the similarities between cultures around the world. She loves drawing and sketching characters, and recently she is into playing games including Genshin Impact.

Anika Kim

Ha is a high school senior living in Hanoi, Vietnam. Her interests include computer programming and MUN. During her free time, Ha enjoys playing the guitar, watching Twitch streams and drawing.


Ha Nguyen

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